Fix a Bad Hair Transplant in Saudi Arabia

Hair transplant is a simple and safe surgery that always gives desirable, pleasant results, but only if performed by a board-certified, experienced surgeon. It is the only technique to date that gives permanent results. But beware of fake and inexperienced surgeons as getting a hair transplant from someone who lacks the required experience could to undesirable results.

Unsatisfactory results or a bad hair transplant prompt people to go for a second and sometimes third surgery as well. It is pertinent to mention here that fixing a bad hair transplant needs a lot more skills and expertise than getting a hair transplant done in the first place. However, a revision surgery is still very much possible and you can alter the results of your initial surgery anytime.

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Strip Hair Transplant in Dubai

FUT Strip hair transplant is one of the available options for surgical hair restoration. It is best for those who are suffering from permanent hair loss – both male and female pattern baldness – and for the hair thinning patients as well. The procedure involves removing a linear strip of hair bearing skin from the baldness resistant areas of scalp for harvesting donor hair. The strip is then dissected carefully under powerful microscopes to obtain individual grafts, which are transplanted into the bald or thinning areas of the scalp.

Are you a Candidate?

You are a candidate for FUT strip hair transplant if:

  • You are mentally and physically healthy
  • You have been losing hair for five years or more
  • Your hair loss is not progressing anymore
  • You have sufficient donor hair supply

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Acell Treatment: The New Age of Aesthetic Medicine

The leading aesthetic medicine provider in UAE has leaped onto a new level and age in aesthetics by exclusively introducing unique and revolutionary procedures to its vast treatments portfolio. This new age of aesthetics medicine is all about using our own regenerative properties to reverse aging and revitalise ourselves through Acell, Growth Factors, Extra cellular Matrix (ECM) and Stem Cells.

Acell Hair Regeneration Therapy

After the introduction of Stem Cell FUE hair transplant technique introduced a few months back turned out to be a big success, Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is now adding another better and more efficient technique to their portfolio of hair restoration services.

Although the procedure is not only restricted to hair restoration, compared to other anti-hair loss techniques, it currently has one of the best outcomes. According to recent research the Acell hair regrowth treatment is a less invasive procedure that is used, among other things, to treat hair loss.

Acell Hair Regrowth therapy uses a material known as Extra cellular Matrix (ECM) which if injected into the roots of transplanted hair during hair transplant, it allows for the regrowth and reproduction of hair follicles leading to more hair density over a short period of time, in addition to faster healing of the donor area. With this technique, replanted grafts can more than triple in numbers with a period of less than 6 months because the ECM scaffold allows our own DNA mapping to heal, regenerate and replicate the follicles.

This happens so because Acell activates stem cells within the human DNA which promote localized cell growth effective for wound healing and regeneration, leaving minimal or no scar behind. When injected, the Extracellular Matrix attracts increased stem cells and blood supply, and as a result duplicates the ability of the human tissue to regenerate by replicating our DNA mapping.

In one study commissioned by the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, 127 hair follicles were soaked in the ECM and then cut into individual grafts before placement. Six months later, the grafts grew into 550 terminal hairs.

This study shows that this latest technique (Acell) is best for reviving thinning hair by reversing the thinning process through ECM.

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